Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Clean Slate

These Pathans are almost done. Not a part of Ed's Army actually, but I have to clean off the painting board before I can get started. These are the Pathans on guard and (far right) the Pathans command. They're almost done. Illinois Dan is on the left. He's slightly outnumbered.

I do all my painting on a plywood board I had as a cut-off from a shelving project many, many years ago. You can almost see some paint bottles in the background: Model Color and Game Color in the little tubes, Howard Hues in the "tubs." But what I really like are the larger tubes of acrylic paint that you get in the crafts stores like Michael's and Hobby Lobby. Only 98 cents normally and sometimes on sale for half price, they last forever.

The figures are mounted on some wooden blocks I picked up years ago from a scrap pile. They're beech (yes, I'm a woodworker) and just needed a little sanding at the ends to make perfect hold-ons. I used to stick the figures to the blocks with double-stick tape but a hot glue gun is a lot faster.

The Pathans have been on my board for a very long time. They got pushed out of the way for some Tuareg I did for a game with Ed at MilleniumCon in Austin last month. Time to wipe the slate clean.

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