Sunday, May 16, 2010

Adventures in Lost Lands

Ed has just released "Adventures in the Lost Lands" and needed some figures to game with. Ed gave me quite a list of figure ideas that could be used for any African safari game, whether going after dinos or wildebeest. The first two are above : a typical British retired colonel out to shoot anything that moves. He's firing his double-barreled shotgun while his gun-bearer totes the long rifle and all-important whiskey bottle.

From existing ranges we started out with some Ethiopians with rifles, below. They are painted in the standard way I paint basically all-white figures, just like the Foreign Legion in whites. Some have a light khaki color mixed in instead of the usual gray.

Then, since the Lost Lands are a bit primitive, I did up a number of Ethiopians with spears or swords. I had a good time making up as many different combinations of arms as possible.

Then we needed some askaris. The Italian Askaris in shorts make a good all-around generic askari, so we used those. Base coat is dark gray, followed by Teddy Bear Tan and Linen highlights. I painted the fezzes with khaki covers but I might have painted them their natural maroon red. The figure on the left is from the Camel set, the three middle figures from ITA-2 Somali Askaris, and the NCO from the ITA-10 command pack.

All told, Ed has 25 figures so far. There are some more figures on the way. Happy hunting!