Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Lead Pile

Here's Ed's Army in all it's unpainted glory.

I pulled one pack off the pegboard, but for the rest I cast them special for him. (Don't you feel special, Ed?) Actually, I didn't see the point in packaging them only to rip them apart again...

It took me a little time to finish casting as I had to renew one of my early molds. Over time, molds wear out--especially if you abuse them as I did at the beginning. Running them too hot makes them especially vulnerable to tearing. And now, four years later with 120 molds behind me, I'm making better molds that are less likely to tear. So on the 500th spin you get the same quality figure as the first spin. Or I'll have remade the mold.

Here's what in the pile:

FR-4 Tirailleurs Algerien
FR-8 Foreign Legion in white bourgeron
FR-9 Foreign Legion in blue overcoats (capote)
M-1 Pack Mules
D-1 Donkeys
B-1 Berbers in djellabah (two packs)
B-10 Berbers in gandoura and burnous

Not a bad start for opposing armies. The B-10 set is a 12-figure pack, so I bumped it up to 20 figures so all the units would be the same size. (I've got some Berber leaders in gandoura in development--when they're ready I'll update the B-10 set on the web store.)

Sacre bleu! I just noticed--no army leaders! In Colonial Adventures, the rating (or as we might say in Morocco--the baraka) of each leader figure is important. I'll have to go find an Abd el Krim figure and a mounted French Officer--who bears a striking resemblance to Marshall Lyautey--to add to the pile.

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